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Recommended vegan restaurants in Tokyo!


You may have heard that Japan is an almost impossible country for vegetarians because there are not many restaurants which prepare vegan menu.

So as a Japanese, I picked my top 5 vegan restaurants to encourage you to enjoy the delicious Japanese food more and more!
Here we go. ;)


1.Beautiful vegan Ramen at Tokyo station


So here is the first one which I want to introduce.

This Ramen is called "Veggie Soba". Usually Ramen is made from pork broth soup, but this restaurant uses only vegetables for noodles, soup, and toppings... essentially for everything!

And this healthy Ramen is quite popular with Japanese women as well, as they get 75% of vegetables we need in a day from this one bowl. (And of course, we women love it for another reason too - to take photos because the presentation is very colorful!- )

The taste of Orange colored soup and noodles is very sophiscated/unique and deep, even though it consists of only vegetables. Additionaly, you can add some fried onion on top, and enjoy it crispy.

This is a must visit restaurant when my boyfriend visits Tokyo. He LOVES it.

If you visit Japan, it's necessary to taste Japanese Ramen ;)



2.Macrobiotic Japanese mother's plate


This is a macrobiotic vegan restaurant serving vegan food without any animal foods / products. All dishes on the menu are made of healthy ingredients like brown rice, organic vegetables, etc.

The menu includes traditional Japanese dishes: Salad, Fried Chicken (made of Tofu), Miso-soup, rice, and some pickles.

Because all ingredients are very healthy and organic, it's very delicious for both, body and soul.

If you want to try some local and healthy food similar to what a Japanese mother is cooking daily at home, this restaurant is THE answer.



3.Shiny Udon in Ginza


Udon is also a very famous Japanese cuisine. Set in a very calm, modern and chic restaurant "Sano-Yosuke" in Ginza, you can enjoy the beautiful Inaniwa-Udon.

Their Udon is very simple but very fresh and super delicious.

I suggest to order the set which you gives a choice of two different soups. You can put Udon into Sesami-Miso soup and Soy sauce soup, and enjoy the differet taste.

If you have a liking for Thai, you can try the Thai-curry soup as well.

▼Ginza Sano-Yosuke

銀座 佐藤養助 | 稲庭うどん 佐藤養助商店


4. Standing Sushi bar at Shibuya


If you wanted to try Sushi, I prefer to go to the Standing Sushi Bar.

"Uogashi Nippon-Ichi" is a chain of standing Sushi restaurants, and you can find it in many places across Tokyo. ( Their primary customer is a Japanese buisiness man, so you can see how quickly they eat and leave the restaurant.. lol )

As you walk into the restaurant, The Sushi chef always calls out "Welcome" in Japanese a bit loudly, so you may be a little surprised!

My recommendation is to visit the one in Shibuya center street. Vegetarians always eat the Avocado Sushi and love it. I am a huge fan and I can eat it forever. lol

The other sushi options are Natto-maki, Kappa-maki, Kanpyo, Me-negi, Ha-wasabi etc.

Standing Sushi bar is a fairly unique experience, and It's a perfect place to have Sushi as a light snack. 

▼Uogashi Nippon-ichi|Shibuya center street


Because they sometimes don't have Avocado sushi, you can call them and check if they have it.


5.Best Marinara in Tokyo


This pizzeria in Nishi-Azabu is called "Savoy" and is actually something I would like to keep a secret.

They have only 2 kinds of pizzas, Margerita and Marinara.

My boyfriend and I are a huge fan of this pizzeria, and we always make a reservation here because it gets crowded easily as its not very big and finding a place to sit can be a challenge.


 ▲As an appetizer, we always try the buffalo Mozzerela cheese which is incredibly milky and amazingly delicious...



This marinara has just the right amount of garlic and oregano, plus fresh sweet tomatoes. So much flavor and crispy... yum..
Absolutely a 5 star pizza in Tokyo.